Oakland.edu Events and Calendar

The Challenge

Oakland University contracted Percussion Software Professional Servies team for custom widget development on their website they were hosting on Percussion CMS.

Oakland needed a way to make events easily accessible to find on the website. Requirements for this project including:

  • Display most recents and featured events on the homepage.
  • Combine event feeds from Percussion CMS and two external Student RSS feeds.
  • Use a dedicated calendar page to display all events filterable by date and category tag.

The Solution

As a member of the Percussion PSO development team I developed the JavaScript application that powers the Home page Recent and Featured Event Feed, the interactive dedicated Calendar page, as well as a PHP script that combines the different event feeds into one main feed that powers these two Event applications. 

The Home page Event Feed displays only a short list of recent events and highlighting those with a meta-data “Featured” tag.

The dedicated Calendar page features interactive date selection filters and category display filters, as well as browser-side caching for improved speed and performance.

Feed integration | Performance optimization

Feed Integration

Custom PHP server side script to combine several event feed sources into one.

Performance Optimized

Browser-side caching of AJAX requests for maximum performance and reduced server load.

Interactive Filters

Date selection and category filter toggles enable users to easily find the events they are looking for.

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