The Challenge

PMIB, a subsidiary of Duff & Phelps, contracted Percussion Software for work on their website. This included implementation of their new site redesign and a JavaScript application to feature a list of transaction pages.

The Transaction Landing Page was intended for users to be able to easily and quickly browse the collection of transactions deals brokered by PMIB. Key goals of the project were: speed, ease of user-experience, and fast page load times.

The Solution

As a member of the Percussion PSO development team I developed the JavaScript application that powers the Transactions Landing Page. 

The application displays a collection of individual transaction pages sourced from Percussion CMS collected page metadata.

The collection features pagination controls and category filter buttons for easy navigation and browsing, as well as browser-side AJAX request caching to boost the speed of the user experience.

Fast and easy to use


Transaction pages are paginated to improve page load times, enable easy browsing, and improve SEO.

Category Filtering

Metadata Category tags are used in Percussion CMS for tagging transaction pages so that they are easily discoverable using the category filter selectors.

Browser-side AJAX caching

Each AJAX request is cached browser-side to dramatically increase the speed of user interactivity when using the paginationa and category filter controls.

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