Recently I had some bad luck using the Ghost blogging platform and needed a revamp so I’ve decided to rework it in WordPress for the time being.

I’m doing this for ease of maintenance while I work on more interesting projects like my bowling performance tracker webapp. Project managment is powered by and anyone is free to inspect and branch the project source at our Github repo.

For this I’m using the Aurelia JavaScript framework coupled with RethinkDB and their middleware library. It’s been interesting trying to pair these technologies into a working stack and getting the foundations in place.

Once the scaffolding is in place I’ll be fleshing out the UI with graphical assistance form RebeccaZub, and then building out the logic using functional programming methods that I’ve been learning about recently. I’ve been looking for a project where I can put it into practice, so I’ll post my thoughts and reflections on that as the project matures.

Enough jibber-jabber, back to the code…